Monday, April 21, 2008

10 things I didn't tell you about last week

I haven't blogged in a week - I'm so lame. And yet, I have nothing to say. We've been caught up in the mundane over here...was there anything exciting? Here's a short list of everything that I didn't blog about last week:
  1. I didn't do my taxes until the day before they were due. I haven't procrastinated that long since I was in college I think.
  2. We went to Greenfield Village with Adam & Daedra. I didn't take my camera, and therefore have no photographic evidence of this. Just trust me.
  3. At GV, I noticed Josh's eye was bright red and he had green runnies. That same day, Josh's friend Evelyn from swimming also got pink eye and green snot. We spent the rest of the week hiding from our friends & family so we didn't give them green runnies and red eyes.
  4. Josh thinks his eye was pink because it shrunk. I can't explain that - sometimes it's easier to accept their weird explanations than try to understand them.
  5. We had a sleepover with Kylinn. They slept a little, played a lot, and spent almost the entire time in costume.
  6. My mother bought an obscene amount of baby girl clothes.
  7. Josh rode a bike with training wheels for the first time. Your bike, Logan - while you weren't home. Sorry dude but we liked it.
  8. I scooped dog poop for like 2 hours. Poop and a pregnant nose don't combine well.
  9. I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to name this child. I'm tired of all the names from my list from the previous 2 pregnancies, and my sister or Nate veto everything new. Apparently I only like fat girl and old lady names.
  10. I don't really have anything for #10. I just thought that a list of 10 things made more sense than 9.
So there's my list. As with David Letterman, #4 turned out to be the most interesting thing and the last one was lame filler. Sorry to build up your hopes and let you down.


Jeremy said...

Ya know, you could have asked.

Sarah said...

Your neighbor very generously offered on Saturday so we could see what size he needs. It was a good fit, and surprisingly, easier to ride than his tricycle.

Becky said...

I'd be so screwed IF I got pregnant with another boy. We have literally NO good names left.

I guess we could reuse the other 2 names somehow.

Sarah said...

You should have just picked a name and stuck w/ it like Michael Jackson - he has what? Prince Michael I & II and Paris Michael. We should have thought ahead.

Jeremy said...


You can thank me later.

Sarah said...

Dude - talk to my sister. She keeps suggesting names like Shanaynay. Must be a little too much time in the 'hood.

Nate has been inspired by Penn Gilette's kid named Moxie Crimefighter - he may never be satisfied.

Jeremy said...

As long as you kid doesn't have a stripper name, it's all good.

Though "Sundance" is a pretty kick-ass name.

Amy said...

I'm already starting the name arguments and I still have a long way to go... good luck finding a girl name that you can all agree on!