Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This little piggy...

I am pretty much dreading the next pediatrician appointment - in just over a month. Why, you ask? Because my kid is humongous and it's not going to be pretty. Seriously - I'm not exaggerating. Humongous.

I just did a quick check to see, since the Vanover and Stein toddlers have recently weighed in low on the growth curve. We very definitely do NOT have that problem.

Josh is just under 36 inches - that puts him around the 85th percentile for height. Okay, I can live with that - his dad is, after all, 6'4".

But here's the showstopper - the kid is 34 lbs!!! Seriously - 34. That's insane. That's the 95th percentile. So we'll see what they say - maybe they'll send him to Weight Watchers. Hey, he can count to 20 - maybe he can keep track of his own points!

(FYI, I had a funny picture of a baby piglet to insert here, but Blogger is being dumb. Use your imagination.)

Leisurely shopping...

Sleeping on a dog bed in the shopping cart @ Target...I actually was able to shop for 1-1/2 hours - he slept the entire time. I saw EVERY aisle @ Target - it was awesome!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Long time gone...

Wow. I just realized it's been a month since we posted. Sorry about that. Because I always give my sister such crap about back-dating, I'll instead just lump all of our pics together and let you sort it out.