Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Little stinker

Despite the fact that Halloween is somewhat controversial among Christians, we've bought Joshua a skunk costume and we're doing Halloween on a small scale. How can we resist - it's his first Halloween!

Sunday, October 9, 2005

5 Things

Also for you, Lolo

5 things I hope to do once before I die
*Run a marathon
*Travel Europe for a month or two and take my time
*Spend a lot more time in Kauai
*See my baby boy get married and live a fabulous happy life with baby boys of his own
*Feel great about my weight and my hair and my skin and my wardrobe

5 things I can do
*Organize stuff...wierd skill but I'm good at it
*Bake a mean cheesecake
*Love my Joshua like crazy
*Make invitations and announcements and little card with lots of vellum and bows
*Love my family and my friends and be totally loyal and supportive and completely available. It's hard to win me over but once you do I'd do anything for you.

5 things I can't do
*Keep the damn bathroom clean
*Stay under my cell phone minute limit
*Not check to see if Joshua is breathing EVERY night before I go to bed
*Stay committed to the gym
*Go up in high places

5 things that make me hot about men
*Men that love their families...tender daddies that hug their babies and rock them at night
*Good listeners
*Man smell...I don't know what else to call it...a little sweat, a little cologne, a little outdoorsy.
*Men that want to love you and take care of you and want to be your safe place

5 things I say way too much
*"Dude" - thank you Chad Kimball. You broke me.
*"Don't mess"
*The F word - I really need to stop. It's not even funny anymore.

5 Peeps who must now do this fruitless exercise
I'm not going to try to come up with 5 people. Do it if you want to. Whatever.

Once Upon a Time

(Lauren, this is for you)

Ten Years Ago
Nate and I had been dating for almost a year, and I know he was THE ONE. He, however, was not convinced. It took another four stinking years for him to pony up and propose. I was living on 1N in Case Hall and spending way too much time smoking, drinking, and hanging out at Cafe V trying to look cool (I don't think it worked). What an idiot.

Five Years Ago
Five years ago my baby sister (okay, only sister but still a baby in my book) got married, I lived in a totally ghetto apartment in Shelby Township and hated my job. I loved my husband, one year into our marriage. Man, that first year was an eye-opener - did you know how MESSY men are, and that they don't put down the toilet seat or pick up their socks. If you did know, why didn't you warn me?

One Year Ago
I was pregnant. And crabby. I loved being pregnant but other people weren't so fond of pregnant Sarah. I had a run-in with a table saw and went to OB/Gyn triage to see if I broke Joshua (I didn't). I am such a chicken that I didn't leave my job I hated (see 5 years ago) until my water broke and I called in permanently sick. I was mid-way through Bradley classes trying to belly-breathe my way to a natural birth. We had coffee with the Steins for the first time...man, we love those guys! And on November 28, we had our peanut and changed our lives forever...in a really, really good way.

I attempted to coax Joshua back to sleep upstairs with us, after an hour of screaming at 5 am. That's probably an exaggeration but he was unhappy and I was tired. Instead he climbed up and down me and hung from the headboard until I put him back in bed. And then we all slept in...woo hoo. After we got up, we hung out in New Haven with the Vanovers. Nate worked on the garage with Adam and I played with my niece and hung out with my sister...and my mom for a little while (who makes me crazy). I swear she has been going through menopause for like 10 years. My niece is wierd and wonderful...seriously wierd but seriously wonderful too. I love her to bits. I also fell off the wagon and ate a LOT of tootsie rolls. We attempted to walk the kids in a wagon but nobody cooperated and we carried two babies around the block with an empty wagon.

5 Songs I know all the words to
- Rock Lobster
- All Grown Up (my angry teen anthem)
- Every Rose Has Its Thorn (Bret I still love you even though you've totally let yourself go)
- Victor Vito (what happened to me?)
- More (this was my first dance with my husband)

5 Snacks
- Bananas (I can't stop eating them until they're gone)
- Chocolate croissants
- Trader Joe's yogurt raisins
- Dried cranberries
- Twix (only the greatest candy ever)
(On a side note here, I'm really an equal-opportunity snacker. I'll pretty much eat anything that is bad for me. If it has a ton of fat, calories, sugar, lard, whatever...I'm all over it.)

5 Things I'd do with 100 million dollars
- Pay off the houses of all my family and friends
- Live on Kauai and snorkel all day and drink mai tais all night
- Shop at Ann Taylor Loft (a LOT)
- Hire a personal trainer
- Start a rescue/shelter/orphanage for all those sad little kids in Guatemala City...man they make me cry

5 Places I'd run away to
- Kauai (see above)
- Vancouver - I've never been there but I've totally romanticized it in my head)
- North Carolina...we will live there some day or I'll just die
- Europe. All of it. I'm not sure where but I could get a fabulous little Italian or German car and drive all over.
- Toronto. Not the stupid suburbs we're always in, but downtown Toronto. It's a highly Asian, clean, safe Chicago.

5 Favorite Books/TV Shows
- Blow Out
- Alias - although I'm currently very angry at Jennifer Garner for being a fickle floozy and causing Michael Vartan to leave the show)
- How I Met Your Mother (my new favorite sitcom...it's legendary)
- Book - yes I know I'm wierd but I love Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman

5 Greatest Joys
- My baby boy...the greatest thing I've ever done
- My husband...the absolute love of my life
- Worship on a Sunday @ church
- My family...Kybaby especially
- Coffee...it's totally ingrained in me and an essential part of who I am

5 Favorite Toys
- My camera phone
- TiVo
- My Kitchen-Aid stand mixer
- The cable modem (yes I'm a nerd but I'd die if I had to dial up)
- My bike

5 People I'm tagging to do this
You. You know who you are.

Geez, this took forever!