Sunday, October 9, 2005

5 Things

Also for you, Lolo

5 things I hope to do once before I die
*Run a marathon
*Travel Europe for a month or two and take my time
*Spend a lot more time in Kauai
*See my baby boy get married and live a fabulous happy life with baby boys of his own
*Feel great about my weight and my hair and my skin and my wardrobe

5 things I can do
*Organize stuff...wierd skill but I'm good at it
*Bake a mean cheesecake
*Love my Joshua like crazy
*Make invitations and announcements and little card with lots of vellum and bows
*Love my family and my friends and be totally loyal and supportive and completely available. It's hard to win me over but once you do I'd do anything for you.

5 things I can't do
*Keep the damn bathroom clean
*Stay under my cell phone minute limit
*Not check to see if Joshua is breathing EVERY night before I go to bed
*Stay committed to the gym
*Go up in high places

5 things that make me hot about men
*Men that love their families...tender daddies that hug their babies and rock them at night
*Good listeners
*Man smell...I don't know what else to call it...a little sweat, a little cologne, a little outdoorsy.
*Men that want to love you and take care of you and want to be your safe place

5 things I say way too much
*"Dude" - thank you Chad Kimball. You broke me.
*"Don't mess"
*The F word - I really need to stop. It's not even funny anymore.

5 Peeps who must now do this fruitless exercise
I'm not going to try to come up with 5 people. Do it if you want to. Whatever.