Tuesday, April 29, 2008

3 year old logic

Josh: Why does Sam (Wiggle) say car like that? He doesn't say it right.
Me: Well, the Wiggles are from Australia. [Enter looong conversation about geography, accents and people being different.]

Josh: Do you know where Batman is from?
Me: Gotham City.
Josh: No, mom. He's from Batmobile, Alabama.
Me: No babe, he's from Gotham City.
Josh: Costume Silly?
Josh: Costume City. That makes sense. He has lots of capes.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Oops, I did it again.

For the second time this month, I freaked out that something was wrong with the baby. I have been feeling pretty consistent movement for a couple of weeks now. From last night until this afternoon, I felt nothing. Absolutely nothing. On top of this, I had some weird abdominal cramping last night that lasted for a few hours. So I completely, totally panicked. Called the doctor's office in tears, called Nate in tears, prepared for the worst.

And ultimately, everything was fine. Baby is totally fine, and the cramping was probably related to my intestines. So bottom line - baby fine, I have gas. GAS, people.

I know that a lot of people go through this experience and ultimately do not believe in God. That's not me - I came out of the experience dazed, confused, and believing that somehow, somewhere in there, God is still completely good. And I believe His hand is on this pregnancy. But I have a hard time being convinced that He & I have the same end goal. That it will turn out the way I want it to. And so it seems all too easy for me to fall into fear and reliving my last pregnancy, constantly assessing whether or not this baby is still alive.

Will I ever feel safe? Will I ever feel like everything actually might turn out okay this time? Or am I going to spend this entire pregnancy waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Friday, April 25, 2008

Why take naps...

....when you can instead use your time more productively to hammer holes in your bedrail?

(And by the way, thank you Grandpa Dave for the hammer - we love it!)

10 things I dislike

a la Meagan...
  1. Tuna fish
  2. Horizontal stripes on pregnant women
  3. Sweating
  4. The Honda Element
  5. Cleaning the bathtub
  6. Scientology
  7. Salmon
  8. Paris Hilton
  9. Baking soda toothpaste
  10. Shari Lewis & Lamb Chop

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Have you been reading all the new stuff about plastics lately? Last week, Canada banned products made with Bisphenol-A. In a matter of days, Walmart, Babies R Us, and several other retailers said they'd start pulling it off the shelves. Read more here.

If you're looking for an alternative to plastic water bottles, I bought Klean Kanteens a couple of weeks ago and love them. There are now also a LOT of sippy & bottle options - see here.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Mini golf

10 things I didn't tell you about last week

I haven't blogged in a week - I'm so lame. And yet, I have nothing to say. We've been caught up in the mundane over here...was there anything exciting? Here's a short list of everything that I didn't blog about last week:
  1. I didn't do my taxes until the day before they were due. I haven't procrastinated that long since I was in college I think.
  2. We went to Greenfield Village with Adam & Daedra. I didn't take my camera, and therefore have no photographic evidence of this. Just trust me.
  3. At GV, I noticed Josh's eye was bright red and he had green runnies. That same day, Josh's friend Evelyn from swimming also got pink eye and green snot. We spent the rest of the week hiding from our friends & family so we didn't give them green runnies and red eyes.
  4. Josh thinks his eye was pink because it shrunk. I can't explain that - sometimes it's easier to accept their weird explanations than try to understand them.
  5. We had a sleepover with Kylinn. They slept a little, played a lot, and spent almost the entire time in costume.
  6. My mother bought an obscene amount of baby girl clothes.
  7. Josh rode a bike with training wheels for the first time. Your bike, Logan - while you weren't home. Sorry dude but we liked it.
  8. I scooped dog poop for like 2 hours. Poop and a pregnant nose don't combine well.
  9. I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to name this child. I'm tired of all the names from my list from the previous 2 pregnancies, and my sister or Nate veto everything new. Apparently I only like fat girl and old lady names.
  10. I don't really have anything for #10. I just thought that a list of 10 things made more sense than 9.
So there's my list. As with David Letterman, #4 turned out to be the most interesting thing and the last one was lame filler. Sorry to build up your hopes and let you down.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Barenaked Ladies @ Borders!

***UPDATED: I called Borders today and they will be giving out wristbands to get in. They don't have any details yet - either the wristbands will be released the morning of the performance, or the day before. I will keep you posted.***

The Barenaked Ladies are coming to our Borders on May 9th to perform songs from their new kids album. I am way pumped about this - my former and current life are colliding in a concert we'll both enjoy.

Multi-platinum recording artist Barenaked Ladies will release Snacktime, a collection of 24 original children's songs. The collective band is outnumbered 2 to 1 by their own children. As a result, they set out to make a record that all children could enjoy. Using their children's eclectic tastes as inspiration, the result was a record that is being described as liberating and fun. Don't miss this rare chance to see them perform live at Borders with a chance to meet them after their set.

Boys are so weird

In the middle of reading books at bedtime, Josh did something completely random and strange. I was literally MID-sentence when Josh jumped up and started dancing around.

First, a few things you need to know.
1) He had just taken a bath and was wearing only a towel while seated, while he dropped when he got up.
2) We were reading the BIBLE. Not just any old light-hearted story. We were reading the story of Noah.

So anyway, on with the story. He's standing up, wearing nothing, and doing a very strange little spinning, gyrating dance. I said "Josh, what in the world are you doing?" He very matter-of-factly replied, "I just needed to do a nakey dance."

Being 3 is just a whole different world than being 32. I can't recall ever feeling (a) so uninhibited and (b) so compelled that I just had to get up IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BIBLE to do a nakey dance.

Oh, and the grand finale? He got out his pretend remote (thank you, Upside Down Show) and pushed the "Give yourself a spankin' button" and then gave himself several spankings in a row while laughing hysterically.

What did I tell you? Boys are weird. Mine is especially weird.

It's a...


Ultrasound today

I've been surprisingly chilled up until this morning and now I'm starting to freak. Not a huge amount, just a little...

This is the first time I truly could not care less as to gender - I would love a girl, but my little friend here desperately wants a brother to sword fight him. He actually specifically told me that he ONLY wants a brother because, "Mom, girls are just not cool." Do 3-year olds really talk like that?

9 months ago, I went into my ultrasound with a sense of dread, completely convinced that something was wrong. And it was - she had died. I knew that somehow, felt it.

I'm not in that place at all this time. I'm just unsettled. So pray if you think of it, and I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We went to the zoo!

It's spring! Hooray! Even the kangaroos were frolicking. Oh happy day. I am ignoring next week's forecast and focusing on the fact that WE WENT TO THE ZOO! It must be spring! Did I mention frolicking kangaroos? Spring spring spring!!!

Check out my Flickr photos here. You need to have a Flickr account and add me as a contact to see most of them. If I don't find you creepy, I'll gladly share.

Perhaps the grass isn't always greener...

Sometimes it's easy to sit back and think your life sucks. I personally tend to be the queen of the pity party...granted, I've had some moments this past year that have made that more valid, but it still can border on selfish & ridiculous.

Anyway, reality check. I just came across the Mandell Family while reading Flotsam's latest post. It makes me want to cry, scream, beat someone up, and get out my checkbook all at once. Read their story - if nothing else, it will give you some fresh perspective on your own life.

My Bruce Wayne

So yesterday, Josh's school had to do a lice check. Yes, that's right - our high-falootin' Birmingham preschool had its SECOND lice check this school year. I have to admit, of all the things that go around (we've had notes about pink eye, roseola, etc) lice is the one that gives me BIG TIME heebie jeebies. It's just gross gross gross.

So anyway...the kids all had to go into the gym, where the preschool director checked each child's head for creepy-crawlies. When Josh got up there, he looked at her and said "Are you checking out my hair to see if it looks like Batman? Because it does!"

So that was that - no lice, and the kid was all pumped up because everyone noticed that even without his costume on, he's still Batman. Rock on.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Great Strides for CF

My friend Mindy is walking in the Great Strides event later this month in honor of her niece, Abby, who has cystic fibrosis. If you're so inclined, you can make a donation here.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy spring!

Well, we managed to survive the plague here. Somehow, just barely...but we're all walking around and breathing out of both nostrils - woohoo. Some lingering funk but generally all is well.

And it's warming up! Could I BE anymore excited (that's my best Chandler Bing voice)? We have been outside this week every day and I'm loving it. I so can't handle being trapped in the house with a 3-year old, especially one that is almost-always wielding a sword and calling me a Bilge Rat.

Spring seems to suddenly turn my mood. Yesterday Josh and I went to the fruit market, bought tons of fresh produce and flowers. I find it to be completely impossible to be crabby when you have tulips. (Don't worry Nate, we didn't spend your life savings on cherries. I did that at Target a few hours beforehand.)

So have a fun weekend - it's supposed to be 60 degrees here on Sunday - hallelujah! Look out playground - we're on our way.