Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ultrasound today

I've been surprisingly chilled up until this morning and now I'm starting to freak. Not a huge amount, just a little...

This is the first time I truly could not care less as to gender - I would love a girl, but my little friend here desperately wants a brother to sword fight him. He actually specifically told me that he ONLY wants a brother because, "Mom, girls are just not cool." Do 3-year olds really talk like that?

9 months ago, I went into my ultrasound with a sense of dread, completely convinced that something was wrong. And it was - she had died. I knew that somehow, felt it.

I'm not in that place at all this time. I'm just unsettled. So pray if you think of it, and I'll keep you posted.


meagan said...

I think I took over your super powers as the Baby Whisperer. Four days ago, I figured out what that baby was. I'm confident in what it is, with my proven 50% accurate track record. Regardless, I'll be expecting that phone call.

meagan said...

PS Please do not tell my nephew that I said "super powers" I am not yet strong enough to battle The Bat yet again unless he uses the dagger. No, you know what- I'll keep the dagger, but I want a shield as well.

Tell The Bat that it's on!!!!!

Becky said...

I'm crossing my fingers and toes and everything.

Don't forget to update me with the good news, or I may have a heart attack.