Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Not too nerdy but a little bit geeky

For those that didn't believe my results on the nerd test, I'm proud to report that I'm 40% geek. Is that more in line with your perception of me?
40% GeekMingle2


meagan said...

phew. i am less geeky than you.

only 35%. saved by a GORP.

oh wait. that's trail mix. yum. what was that other acronym?

Sarah said...

I think the spelling bee put me over the edge.

rachelle said...

well, i was wondering when you'd catch up to the nerdiness of meg and i.

rachelle said...

ha. 34% geek for me.
it would have been way less, but i did know the name of the hobbit dragon thingy and i do tend to correct technicians at the store quite a bit.

Jeremy said...

I'm 79%

I guess I'm more nerdy than geeky.