Thursday, July 19, 2007

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, there lived a woman who was neat, tidy, organized, reliable, relatively punctual, and generally responsible. Then one day, she had a baby. And all that went away.

Sound familiar? I swear, I read about "pregnancy brain" when I was pregnant and wrote it off. But it got worse - then I called it "baby brain" and blamed the same hormones. Now, I'm pregnant again and have uber-hybrid pregnant/baby brain. And it's a bad, bad thing.

Case in point: Monday I ordered a new dress for a wedding reception this Saturday. I paid $7 extra to have it shipped 2nd day, just in case I didn't like it - I thought 3 extra days was pretty safe in terms of finding a Plan B dress.

So did it come yesterday? NO. Well, yes and no. It DID arrive, but not @ my house. I somehow managed to send it to my friend Mindy's 4 year old daughter Natalie. That's apparently the last person I shopped for @, and I didn't even look at the shipping address until it was too late. So instead Mindy picked it up last night at her house, and then overnighted it to me today. Bottom line - I will have less than 24 hours to try it on and get a new one if it doesn't work, and I paid a grand total of $42 in shipping for what will amount to 5 day shipping.

Now that's baby brain. By the 3rd or 4th baby I'm going to be a drooling idiot.


Nicol said...

I am right there with ya!

Yesterday on my lunch break, I ran to the bank to pay our car loan. It's due on the 20th, so like clock work on the 18th I go to pay it. I stood in line for what seemed like a half and hour, then went to the counter, told the clerk that I had to pay a loan that was in my husbands name, but I did not have the coupon book. She looked it up, I wrote the check, then as I stood there hesitating to give her the check, she asked if something was wrong. I took a moment to think about it then proceeded to tell her that I no longer owned the car that I was about to make the payment on. She looked at me like I was crazy. Then I explained to her that he paperwork must not have gone thru yet, but that I had traded in the vehicle on Friday. So... I voided out the check and turned and walked away.

What a way to waste my lunch hour!

rachelle said...

i don't remember if i had pregnancy brain. but i have child brain now,as i sometimes just sit and stare at my computer and say "um, what was i doing?"