Friday, July 27, 2007

Attack of the camera phone

More Hi-5
Dancing at a Jimmy Buffet tribute band show last night
Little parrothead getting down
Wasting away in Margaritaville with Grandma, the Vanovers, the Paweleks,
and the newlywed Vanovers

Josh & Ky on the way to Boyne
Josh in his new guitar t-shirt (we have to fight to get it off him)


Brittan said...

I liked Ky's pants on Josh! Christian didn't even know they were girls...he was like I was wondering why those were so cool lookin! haha!

Sarah said...

They weren't too bad - a little low cut (big time plumber's crack) but I thought they were pretty cool

rachelle said...
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rachelle said...

cute pics.
why did josh have on ky's pants?