Thursday, July 26, 2007


My blog is getting dull. Sorry about that. I have noticed a trend recently where I've rapidly deteriorated into quiz-posting because it's easy. But mindless. Not so much fun for you.

So here's a quick update on life with us:
  • Nate has been traveling a TON - seems like at least one night every week. It's getting old fast for all of us - especially Nate.
  • I'm over committed as usual. Swim lessons, Bible study, kiddie camp, Bradley childbirth class, and WAY too many doctor & dentist appointments (at least one a week - seriously).
  • I going to walk the Rock & Roll Half-Marathon in Virginia Beach next month with my sister-in-law, Linda. Should be quite interesting given that I huff & puff just going up the stairs lately.
  • We saw Hi-5 today - it was a lot of fun. A woman turned around and said to Nate & me: "I can tell you guys are real fans because you know all the words!" Kind of embarassing, but we had fun just the same. Josh was totally starstruck - literally stared open-mouthed at Curtis.
  • Our friend Amy got married this month - hooray! We went to her reception last Saturday...Josh had cotton candy, two pieces of cake, and couldn't fall asleep until 10pm.
  • My little peanut is starting preschool in September. Itty-bitty Ross makes it a little easier to let him grow up, but I suspect I'm going to cry more than a little (thank you hormones) when I send Josh off to his class.
Pardon the list of lifeless bullets - that's the best I've got @ 1am.


Danafesto said...

very fine and nice update. the guitar Tshirt photo and story of not ever wanting to take it off makes me laugh. :)