Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Do you journal? I've had a few people recommend it as part of the grieving process. I have to be honest - the word journaling makes my skin crawl a little. It sounds so...junior high. And I'm so cool I stopped in the 4th grade. I'm kidding...sort of.

So I don't know...what do you think? What would you do?


Nicol said...

JOURNAL! It will help. This is a place the you can be honest with your feelings and yourself, with out anyone else knowing. It feels good to get everything out, even if it is just on paper. Have you ever written a nasty letter, but never sent it, because suddenly you feel better? Or vented about something or someone, and then felt better after. Journaling is the same thing. I don't mean to preach about it, but trust me it helps. Everyone grieves differently. When Heather passed away, everyone in my family dealt with it differently, but I know that we all had relief from writing. Journals, or even writing a letter to her. I know that we all did this. And I know that it helped all of us.

Okay that's enough. What ever you decide, it will be right for you.

daedra said...

I know you tend to speak a lot of what you are feeling either out loud or on this blog. But, writing down something in private can get something off your chest that no one else has to know about. If you don't think you need it then you probably don't need it. Only you will know.
When you wrote on this blog that you hadn't been able to pray for yourself yet it was a very vulnerable thing to admit. so maybe this public blog is as good for you as journaling is for other people.

rachelle said...

you can try it and if it doesn't suit you, then you don't have to do it anymore. personally, i tried the writing in a journal thing, and actually found i kept up with it better when it was on the computer (how 21st century i was). i actually find writing poetry helped me as well. you will know what helps.

Jos said...

Sarah, give it a try. If you can't get over feeling 4th grade, then stop. But you may find that it will be helpful, even if writing one thing will get some of the grief out. Love you and praying for you.

daedra said...

I forgot to remind you what I said the other night. Instead of journaling about your "feelings" write down all the blessings God HAS given you. This way you can focus on the good things that have happened now and in the future when something makes you feel depressed and that God is not on your side.
After the events in the end of July I started to write down all the blessings I witnessed from these awful events. It will help me to see them in the future when my faith is low.

Danafesto said...

Journaling is SO adult! In the artist's way, the author suggests "morning pages" every day. It's 3 sides written at just free brain drain. You don't edit or process or think or worry or judge, you just blast your thoughts as fast as possible on the page. There's no showing it to people, or using it for anything, except getting the debris and whirlwind of thoughts out of your head. It is so relieving. Sometimes mine would start out a bunch of *&@^%$#% and end up as prayer, without really "trying to pray" and I always think more clearly afterward. Every once in a while I would discover something I wasn't aware of--it is SO helpful. You go.