Monday, August 6, 2007

Moving on...

@ my sister-in-law (and pastor's) encouragement, i'm moving from job into psalms...should be interesting. i've never really read psalms because it's so stinking long...that's probably sacreligious to say stinking about the bible - apologies to those that are offended. i just happen to be a big fan of closure, so i don't like to read things i can't finish quickly.

for those who haven't tried it - i highly recommend the Message translation. it's a really great, conversational, easy way to read the bible.

on a side note, many congratulations to dave & becky who welcomed
kate avery locke on friday.


meagan said...

i'm glad that you're starting to feel better. it was nice to hang out with you yesterday. i was feeling like i lost my best friend for a while.

Sarah said...

i'm not feeling like me yet, but i'm getting there. the hardest part is knowing how long this is going to take - like i said, i like closure.

linds said...


The Psalms is a wonderful selection for you. I LOVE the Message translation of it. When I was going through a process of grieving the Lord would give me Psalms. Often, it was in those really dark moments of pain or not understanding. He is faithful to us in these times. I promise.

As for journaling, I think journaling can be helpful in terms of providing focus if you are having trouble hearing. I have found it really helpful in terms of being able to sort out if what you are hearing is you or the Lord.

I'm praying for you.

Amon said...


I think you will find that you really like Psalms. You don't have to read the whole thing to get something out of it, because it's not a narrative. So don't be intimidated by its length :)

I used to read only the psalms and I actually had a fear once, that I would read all the good ones and get tired of reading the bible.

I love you and you are in my thoughts-


Sarah said...

if any of you have specific psalms for me, that would help. i read the first 35 and nothing has spoken to me yet...