Monday, May 21, 2007

Proud parenting moment (not really)

In the car en route to the gas station.

Josh: Do you hear that sound?
Me: What sound?
Josh: The gas station.
Me: You hear the gas station?
Josh: Yes. Do you hear that sound?
Me: Do you mean the cars, honey? Do you hear the noisy cars?
Josh: No, I hear the gas station. Do you hear it?
Me: What sound does a gas station make?
Josh: [long series of raspberries]

Ah ha - he means GAS station. Nice.


meagan said...

i thought he heard DEE gas station

daedra said...

He should've made the sound of his college fund going into your gas tank. Whatever that might sound like, I guess it'd be a loud sucking sound.

Jeremy said...

Does he know about the booty trumpet?