Friday, May 4, 2007

Hi-5 is coming...

Josh: What's happening?
Me: I don't know honey.
Josh: No, mama. Say "what's happening?"
Me: What's happening?
Josh: Hi-5 is coming! They're gonna do a show! In July!
Me: Cool.

two minutes later:
Josh: What's happening?

And so it goes...10 times a day every day for like a week now. We (or at least one of us) are obsessed. And frankly, they're so much less obnoxious than the Wiggles* that I'm a fan too. So in case you hadn't heard, Hi-5 is coming to Detroit on July 25th at Meadowbrook Music Festival. Ticket presale starts Tuesday @ 10 am. Be there or be square.

The Wiggles are also coming to Detroit in August. That's one show we'll pass on.


Trish from Memphis said...

Woot! I hope you guys are excited as much as me; and I am not even going to the show!!! Tell all your friends that Hi-5 is coming to Michigan!! If you haven't already; join the Hi-5 yahoo boards; there are a couple other die-hard Hi-5 fans that are going to this show!!!

Jeremy said...

Who the hell is Hi-5?

betharoo said...

I must know more - I'm in Wiggles hell.

daedra said...

Are you just replacing the obsession with the Wiggles with Hi-5 and creating a new obsession? Why are these 5 people high? They look pretty "high" in that photo.

Sarah said...

Seriously? You don't know Hi-5? Discovery Kids - check it out.

We've watched them for almost a year, and he's always liked them. He still likes the wiggles more I suspect, but I'm going to push Hi-5 because I have a higher tolerance for them.

4th row baby! I'm pumped!