Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Prayers last night...

Dear Jesus
Thank you for going on bike
Thank you for my monkey helmet on bike
Thank you for ice cream
Thank you for pee pee on potty
Thank you for Aunt Lisa's house
Thank you for picking flowers @ Aunt Lisa's house
Thank you for the frog at Aunt Lisa's house
Thank you for catching frog at Aunt Lisa's house
Thank you for frog jumping at Aunt Lisa's house
Me: Okay honey, wrap it up.
You mean Amen.
Joshua, say Amen.
Do you want a time out?
(whisper) A-moo.


rachelle said...

those time outs i tell you... must work like a charm. selective hearing.
and aunt lisa must be the bomb.

daedra said...

Time outs are the best thing ever made by a woman. You know a man did make it up, men are too much of a sucker to reprimand a child in ANY way.
Just watch my husband and son at church, it's pure insanity.

meagan said...

my house (today 1:30 pm)

me: kylinn it's time for a nap.
ky: no. i'll have a time-out instead.

darn it.

Sarah said...

Yeah, we get that one a lot. He even kicked me once and said "Now I need a time out" and climbed out of bed. Nice.

Sarah said...

Ooh, we're the opposite Daedra. Comparatively, I'm the softy. Josh is AFRAID when he's being bad and Nate comes home.

daedra said...

I wish I could use that line "you just wait until your father gets home!" not so much...