Thursday, January 25, 2007

It's funny...

I started a post this way before, didn't I? Yes, this one, on the same topic. Well, that is funny.

So to give you another sneak-peak into my life, we've been trying - unsuccessfully - to get pregnant since early Fall. Not militant crazy trying, but earnestly trying. And I've grown increasingly frustrated each month as we've failed. I was starting, quite honestly, to be at the end of my rope...there's not an obvious reason why NOT. Or so I thought.

I have epilepsy - that's always been a huge source of shame for me, so I don't often talk about it. I have been medicated for pretty much 21 years straight to control it. I've had 5 seizures since I was 9 years old - the last one was 11 years ago. I've gone through I-can't-tell-you-how-many different medications. They all have different, odd side effects. Some make you dumb, some make you dopey, some make you's always a matter - for me at least - of choosing the absolute minimum my body requires.

While I was pregnant with Joshua, they had to increase my medication level 6 times to compensate for the increased blood volume. And it didn't really help - I still had some weird headaches and breakthrough stuff...basically, my left arm was numb for like 6 months. Not cool. So after he was born, I went through a long process of switching to a new, safe medication - Lamictal. It was supposed to be one of the best - no side effects, safe in pregnancy, safe for nursing, etc. Or so I thought...

So what's the point of this whole diatribe and all the rabbit trails? The point is this - Lamictal is actually not safe. The FDA reported recently that they've seen a high incidence of cleft palates in babies born to mothers taking Lamictal. That's pretty serious.

So basically, it's a blessing - and I seriously mean that - that I haven't gotten pregnant. Because I've been oblivously taking a medication that would likely cause a significant birth defect. So after 5 months of frustration, I'm honestly GLAD to report that I am NOT pregnant.

And so now, I'll go back to the doctor and start the process of changing medications all over again. I'll keep you posted.


daedra said...

That's SO scary!!! Yikes!!
We've been trying for about the same amount of time and it is very frustrating. I'm on day 53 of this cycle! My stupid body won't even give me a period let alone ovulate. And the stress in my life isn't helping the cause at all.

linds said...

That is a blessing... wow... what a vulnerable thing to share. I think it just makes us love who you are even more! Kingdom of God come to Sarah's body! Undo the negative side effects of this drug in the name of Jesus.

You're loved,