Monday, January 1, 2007

Retail therapy, round #2

So Nate left tonight for Lansing - AGAIN. That, I have to say, is getting old. So I have a new plan this week - I'm still most likely shopping every day - why not? - but am also overcommitting myself so I don't feel lonely. So this week, I'll mallwalk with Daedra a few times, babysit my niece, get my teeth cleaned, work out at Lauren's, go to Kids Korner on Thursday (you should come!), go to tumbling class on Friday, and maybe even try Jazzercise - don't ask.

And then next week, we add back in swimming lessons, storytime @ the library. I also have my eyes set on a Bringing Up Boys class, swing dancing, and a stained glass class. One registration fee at a time, I'm filling up every waking moment for the next few months. So hopefully between that and my measly 10-hour-per-week job, I'll have enough of a life that I won't pine away at home as a work widow.

And maybe - just maybe - I'll actually stick to a few of these commitments. And if i manage to do that, perhaps I will finally fall into a regular routine for the first time since I left my job and stayed home with Joshua. And maybe - just maybe - that will mean that I'll feel sort of pulled-together again, and be some semblance of my old structured self.

Target, don't worry - I won't desert you. I promise to still visit you at least twice a week and catch up on old times.