Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blogging is so last year.

I've fallen off the blogging map, big-time. I don't mean to sound whiny here, but 2 kids! School's out! I'm totally having a Jesse Spano moment - there's nooooo time!

I'm finding it easier to tweet and Facebook. (Oh, that's so obnoxious - I just used a noun as a verb.I hate myself.) It's just more manageable to produce 140 characters at a time. I'm less funny in paragraphs.

So, in 140-character bursts, let me update you on our life as of late:
  • Sadie has 8 teeth now. EIGHT TEETH. She drew blood while nursing. I'm not sure how much longer I can nurse. I fear the vampire baby!
  • Josh is at VBS all week. Thank the LORD! He's only been home for 3 weeks but Oh. My. God. It takes twice as long to do ANYTHING!
  • Bought an inflatable pool yesterday. I figured out why it was on clearance - it's the EXACT yellow-green that bees love. SWARMS! Duck & run!
  • My beautiful, wonderful, quirky little niece is 5 years old and changed overnight. It gives me hope - so far 4-1/2 is pretty much killing me!
  • Sadie was sleeping through the night! 12 hours! Then we went on vacation. Not sleeping through the night! Waking up at 12 & 5. Am resentful.
  • Hey, did I mention vacation? Virginia Beach...full of awesome. Ocean, lame museums for the boys, and did I mention ocean? Loves it.
  • My brother-in-law turned 50. Happy birthday Peter, we love you! I'm so glad to have an ally in the fam when everyone is all high & mighty.
  • My baby sister turned 30. That made me feel old - older than when I turned 30. Because I am older - gee, I'm smart.
  • We've been camping 3 times in the last 4 weeks. Two kids in a tent. It's interesting, to say the least. I ate way too many marshmallows.
So that's my June in a nutshell. My Flickr stream is chock-full of supporting have to be my friend to see the pics - so if you're not, send me Flickr mail and as long as you're not creepy, I will happily add you.

That was easy. Maybe Twitter is on to something after all...


Aunt Becky said...

Oh, we're totally friends. And Blogging RULES. You should get back into it so I can be entertained.

k@lakly said...

8 teeth....yikes, I think I'd be done nursing too, especially after blood, owwww

Dave Reinowski said...

Anthony's 12 hours of sleep also went out the window while we were on vacation. He is getting back on track now.

Atty Mama said...

Hey Sarah,
We're not high and mighty. Just right :). And you are just as right as we are even though you don't recognize it in yourself :). Love you, Lin