Monday, September 8, 2008

Back to school...

First day of school last year and this year

What a difference a year makes! On his first day a year ago, Josh clung to my leg, sobbing, begging me to stay with him. This year, my little friend couldn't get out of the car and into his classroom fast enough - I had to make him come back to even say goodbye to me. That was much easier, but a little bittersweet. So much for my mama's boy...

And just for good measure, so you can see how he grew over the summer. This is the last day of school at the end of May, compared with today. He'll be taller than me before he reaches upper elementary!


Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Aw, how sweet are they?! I hope he had a fantastic day.

Been thinking of you, keep checking in to see if your baby is here! I am on the induction list for tomorrow, so I will have him this week. The list isn't a guarantee, but when they have a bed for me, I will go in.
Can't wait to see your sweet girl, take care.