Monday, August 4, 2008

Moxibustion, anyone?

So I'm going tomorrow to an acupuncturist to pick up some moxibustion herbs & instructions. And that is without question one of the weirdest, most out-of-character things I've ever said. I swear, I'm turning into a crazy hippie. Supposedly, it has a pretty high success rate at turning breech babies.

We'll see if it works. I'm also going to start regularly making a giant ass out of myself doing headstands at the pool.

Have you ever had a breech baby? What did you do, and did it work?


Jeremy said...

Logan was breached.

Aimee had a c-section.

Sarah said...

Josh was breech too, but they did an ECV and manually turned him. I just don't really want to do that again - I was bruised, sore, and my water broke within 24 hours.

daedra said...

Wow, ugly ugly feet in this photo!

linds said...

umm.. never had a breach baby... BUT I will pray that she turns for you!

Brittan said...

I would love to see you do headstands at the pool! I would love to see ME do headstands at the pool right now! LOL!

BTW, I got 2 coupons for you today in the mail, it's your lucky day!

Brittan said...

One more thing...if Moxibustion does turn the baby...I think you definitely need to name her Moxie Crimefighter...or at least Moxie Elizabeth! HAHA! It's only fair to give credit! ;p