Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Light 'em up!

I picked up my moxa sticks today, so we'll be smoking some herb around here for the next week or two...cross your fingers!

**Update: Okay, so can I tell you, these things seriously smell like weed. I was slightly amused and slightly embarrassed to be sitting on our patio in a cloud of marijuana-ish funk. We'll see if it does anything - no change so far, and we're both still skeptical. If it works, it's awesome. If not, well, I've just made myself smell like I went to a Phish concert for no reason.


daedra said...

At first glance they look like tampons.
You go on with your hippie self! :)

Brittan said...

That's funny!!!!!!!

BTW, how is everyone getting their links to say when they people last updated? I want that!

And I see you put one of the drafts of our birth announcements up, haha! And no people, the name is not Marissa! :)

Jeremy said...

The Dude abides.