Saturday, June 28, 2008


I think part of the problem is that we saw Joshua really clearly at his ultrasound - great profile, etc. We looked at him and named him then - the name was on our list, but like #4. But he looked like a Josh. And when he came out, he looked like the ultrasound - he still looked like a Josh.

This time, the jumping bean wouldn't look at us at all. She actually covered her face with her hands and turned away. So I didn't really get to see her face. And I'm struggling to commit because she might come out and I'll go, "Ooh, she's not a Charlotte at all." Or whatever. I actually contemplated doing the 4D ultrasound just to get another look and chickened out after seeing the Bradley ultrasound video.

For the record, Charlotte actually isn't even on the list anymore, despite my liking it. I somehow married a man who stayed 12 years old on the inside...this means that every name I suggest has to make it through the name-rhyming game. So Charlotte the Harlot - not so much. Don't even get me started about Felicia - you can imagine I'm sure.

So bottom line - I haven't seen her, my husband is a prepubescent teenager, and we're still nameless with 10 weeks to go.

Okay, give me some feedback. When did you name your children - while pregnant? After they were born? Did you have a list? Did you change your mind?


Jeremy said...

Aimee and I both made separate lists of names. We then compared each others lists and made a list of mutual names that we liked. That narrowed it down to about 5 names.

Once we went to the ultrasound, we decided on Logan. And as you know, the rest was history.

The second name on our list?


Maybe you should ask Aimee for some name ideas. I think we're done having kids, but I know she still has girl names picked out and I'm not going to list them here out of fear that she'll yell at me for giving up our girl baby names (you know how it goes).

k@lakly said...

We picked them out before, one of each with a family connection for the middle names. We told only immediate family ahaed of time so no one could steal my 'unique' names...then my son was born and the nurse loved his name, said she had never had another baby with his name blah blah and not an hour later returned to tell us that the baby next door was also named the same thing. Ha ha, jokes on me.
Good Luck!!

Aunt Becky said...

Both of the boys are named names that neither my husband and I adored, but we agreed on it and that was good enough.

If this last baby is a boy, I am so screwed. I may have to have a contest on my blog to name the poor guy.

Nicol said...

We had a big list of possible names, mostly boy's as I along with everyone else thought "she" was a boy. We only had one TRUE name picked out for a girl. Josephine, aka Josie. We had a few others, but nothing as serious.. I really want to give you suggestions, but am hesitant for the obvious reason of "WHAT IF I HAVE ANOTHER GIRL!?" (when i am pregnant, NO i am NOT right now)

What about Claire? It just came to me.

How about finding a good bibical name?

Sarah said...

i love Claire but it's my sister-in-law's dog's name. We waited too long to have a girl I think - all the good ones are taken by kids or pets.

My favorites are either Bennett Elizabeth or Riley Jane. My favorite-favorite-favorite is Quinn but Nate hates it. Maybe I won't know until I see her.

Brittan said...

I would go with a list...I know lots of people who wait until they see the baby and what he/she looks like, then pick a name.
I like Bennett Elizabeth, reminds me of Pride & Prejudice...oops, sorry if you hate that book/movie and I just ruined it for you!
Riley Jane is good too, when our baby was a Sadie (lol), she was going to be Sadie Jane...we really do have the same taste in names!

nicol said...

I love riley! that is what i wanted to name josie, paul vitoed it!

daedra said...

24 hours. I wanted to see my baby in person before I named it. To me it wasn't a big deal to wait that long, but then again I'm a little different.
If it's stressing you out just let it go until she wants you to see her face. Maybe she's teaching you something before she's even born. I don't know, just a thought.

Jos said...

We have done both- made lists, had definite names (John was definite)... and also waited to see the baby before we named him (Ben). Emmanuel was the name I loved most for our firstborn, Tophe was undecided... (and so I thought we were in disagreement about it but really we weren't)-- when he was born, the circumstances warranted a name that means "God is with us"- and so he was named Emmanuel. I agree with going with a list of names that both you and Nate love or just like, and then when you see her, you will know. Be at rest Sarah! It will come!

Kendra Lynn said...

Elle, Brielle, Brenna, Braelyn, list goes on and on...and since I won't be having any can have my list! :)
Hope you find the perfect name.


Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Love, love, love Charlotte!
My mom is the name poo pooer. She made a very rude rhyme about my daughter's name in the delivery room because she didn't like the name I picked. I guess she thought she could get me to change my mind, but I am stubborn and now just think she was being a bitch.
This time she better be quiet, because the only name I can think of, I am sure she won't like. But I am not sure of it either. sigh...
Sounds like things are going well, thinking of you internet belly buddy!