Friday, October 5, 2007

I figured it out!

Well, I finally have figured out the secret to having a quiet, well-behaved toddler. And no, don't be silly - it's not positive discipline. It's my old iPod!!!

Seriously - look at this child. He spent 1.5 hours COMPLETELY SILENT in a Target shopping cart, just grooving to the Wiggles.


Brittan said...

Great idea! That is so funny!

Jos said...

awesome Sarah! your josh makes me giggle, he is too cute!

meagan said...

you're certain that those headphones aren't "for mom's" right?

you should post that story!

Sarah said...

Well I might have to get new ones now. I bought behind-the-head ones, and he can NOT figure it out. He wears them like an 80s rocker headband all the time.