Thursday, October 11, 2007

And another one bites the dust...

Yet another series of lead paint recalls poured in. There have been 24 separate lead paint-related children's product recalls in the last week. Yes, you read that right - two DOZEN, people.

If you didn't already, go to the CPSC website to sign up for notifications. You can also visit to see all government recalls, including FDA, NHTSA, etc.

Seriously - it's getting crazy. I'm seriously thinking about buying this. And I'm tempted to stop buying anything made in China. What about you?


daedra said...

you'll pay an arm and a leg for US made products.

Sarah said...

I just told Nate I think we should be Amish. But then there's the whole "no deodorant" problem - maybe Mennonite? We'll play with unpainted wood blocks and bake bread all day.