Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Retail therapy

So Nate is out of town all week. Normally, he is home from Christmas Eve - New Year's Day, and sometimes longer depending when the holidays fall. But he's in the midst of a huge project, so he and the rest of the Woodbridge network group are all whooping it up in Lansing.

I have a tendency to overcompensate when he's gone. We do WAY too much to try to fill the days and wear ourselves out. One of our primary diversions, sadly, is shopping anywhere that I can entertain Josh and burn some daylight.

That means we buy a lot of weird stuff. Like pine-scented furnace filters, metallic nail polish, paint-by-number books, and bath wipes for the dog. It usually ends up being like a $10/day entertainment fee. It's sad, really.

So today, we went to CVS, Joshua drove the BigRedCarShoppingCart, and I drowned my sorrows in floor cleaner, gel insoles, scented Kleenex, and wheat thins. Tomorrow I think we'll hit Target and shop the hardware department to mix it up.

Friday, Nate will come home and life will return to normal - back to Mr. Wallet's tight budget constraints. Until then, I'm going to spend our life savings $5 at a time.


daedra said...

I (used to) have the same problem! Now I just gaze (while droolong) into store windows hoping that Coach purse finds it's way into my life somehow.
If you ever need help finding something to buy, call me ;)