Monday, December 18, 2006

I'm a loser, baby...

I have a couple of friends who always try to "keep it real" on their blog. So because I know you so well, I'm going to share one of my dirty little secrets.

I am a closet Michael Bolton fan. Actually, sadly, I'm not even in the closet. I probably should be. I fell in love in the 9th grade, and I've been enamored ever since. I've loved him through his long Beauty & the Beast hair phase, and through his short hair, balding, hair plug phase. I loved him when he was dating Nicolette Sheridan, felt angry when she dumped him, and have been semi-supportive of their recently renewed romance & subsequent engagement (although I don't trust her yet). I can't help it...somewhere deep in my core, his cheesy lyrics speak to me.

I'm also a huge fan of figure skating. And not just semi-athletic Olympic Figure Skating - also ice dancing, and all of the Stars on Ice shows. Nate refuses to watch it with me, but I can't get enough. Seriously - how can you not be captivated by triple lutzes and Salchows? Be love it too.

This past Saturday, NBC aired Michael Bolton Tribute on Ice - seriously, could it get any better? I don't think so - figure skating and my darling Michael singing all his best songs...I'm in heaven. I don't even care that it was sponsered by The Villages, the Florida senior Mecca where my grandparents live. I TiVo'ed that bad boy, and I just might watch it every day.

So there you go. Jon, I'm keeping it real, even if this means that the rest of the world now thinks less of me because I'm in love with a 53 year old man who wears a toupee.