Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Poop story #2

This is actually probably poop story # 3 or 4. Maybe I'm obsessed with poop...actually I think given that I spend a good chunk of my day dealing with diapers, it has probably just become a central focus in my life. How sad.

So last week I made fun of my mom for letting Josh poop on the lawn. Today I let him poop on the living room floor. So maybe her strategy was better. Wait, let me explain.

He was fresh out of the tub, and we went into his room to get dressed. I set him on the floor and got a diaper. I turned around and he looked at me, grunted, said "poop" (and you have to imagine the voice here - he says "poo-ooo-oop" sort of sing-song and high-pitched like a girl). Then he ran away, and I looked down at a turd on the carpet. Thankfully, for once, it was solid, and I just picked it up and flushed it.

Maybe the lesson here is simply don't leave a child diaperless. That makes me question all the moms that are part of the diaper-free baby movement. I have to admit some measure of admiration - I certainly don't have the patience or endurance to have my child go the bathroom all over the house while they work their issues out. Even the occasional poop misstep is making me crazy. Hats off to you ladies, you are hard core!