Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tonight's bedtime routine

1. Put Sadie to bed.
2. Thought the dog had a mouse; let out blood-curling scream. Woke up Sadie. Repeated step 1. (Note: not a mouse - just a rawhide chew.)
3. Opened very, very, very old sippy cup of milk which exploded in my face. Promptly threw up. Cleaned mess and self.
4. Stepped in dog vomit on the way out of the bathroom. Slipped and fell. Shrieked. Woke up Sadie. Again.
5. Cleaned mess and self. Again.
6. Repeated step 1. Again.
7. Put Josh to bed. FINALLY.
8. Dangerously close to putting self to bed. What a freaking day. Except that wasn't even a day - that was like 15 very, very long minutes.


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Melanie said...

Oh. My. God. That cannot be real. You are a warrior queen. Serious grossness!!