Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Craziness...

Christmas makes me insane every year. We've tried to simplify each year, and somehow it still ends up over-committed, over-spent, and just so busy. So I'm sorry - I'm kind of disappearing for a few weeks while I drown in gift wrap and baking...hopefully I'll be up for air soon.

The good news - I think - is that Nate's now home for THREE whole weeks. So I'm hoping for a moment or two to myself, childless, to (gasp) shower, shop, and otherwise behave like an adult. I'm very much looking forward to it.

I read today a column by Emily Lemmons. She quoted someone who said "I had thought joy to be rather synonymous with happiness, but it seems now to be far less vulnerable than happiness. Joy seems to be a part of an unconditional will to live, not holding back because life may not meet our preferences and expectations. Joy seems to be a function of the willingness to accept the whole, and to show up to meet with whatever is there. It has a kind of invincibility that attachment to any particular outcome would deny us. "

So I'm wishing all of you, my lovelies, a very merry Christmas and a new year in which the joy totally overcomes the sorrows.


k@lakly said...

I love the card, it's just beautiful. I read Emilie's post also. I find it so heartbreakingly sad, given where she is now. She knew such joy and happiness, why it was stolen away from her I will never understand. I hope I am able to embrace her idea of joy in my life, to not do so is just such a waste isn't it?
Enjoy Christmas with those precious babes, you deserve it:)