Monday, January 28, 2008

Detroit listed as No. 2 In 7 Deserted Wonders of Modern World

In a recent WebUrbanist posting Detroit was featured as an deserted wonder of the modern world. They observed that "People tend to think that all urban areas grow over time, but Detroit provides a striking counterexample." A fairly prescient observation, this immediately causes a knee jerk reaction defending Detroit, saying the suburbs represent a vital community. Yet, really, it's true. Perhaps if King Kuame was more concerned about fulfilling his promises to rebuild the city than texting his thang, the city would be in a better position.

Then again, perhaps not... This is after all Detroit.


daedra said...

HAHA, this thang!!
DId I ever tell you I watched the Hudson's bldg being imploded from the building next door (where I worked at the time). I have it on video if you ever want to see.