Monday, December 3, 2007

Wheeling & Dealing

Do you love Christmas shopping? I do - and I manage to do about 90% of it online. I usually end up spending a total of 1 or 2 hours out at actual stores, and the rest is done in an hour or less online. The best part about online shopping is the COUPON CODES! Love love love to feel like I'm getting a better deal...

So here are my two fave sites for coupon codes: Naughty Codes and Retail Me Not. In the last year I think I've only bought things a handful of times without some sort of discount.

As an added bonus, I get to see the UPS or Fedex guy almost daily in December. They're often my only link to the outside world, so that's always exciting. You gotta love mail time!


Jos said...

THanks Sarah! You are always such a good source of great tidbits!