Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wiggly adventure

So going to see the Wiggles in TO may have been the most exciting thing J has ever done. It seems, however, that we have spun into total out-of-control Wigglemania. Full-blown. For the last day or 2, Josh corrects me every time I call him Josh - he now is to be referred to only as Sam Wiggle. And it's always in the 3rd person: Mom, Sam is waving at you. Sam wants a drink of water. Sam isn't going to take a nap.

Me? No longer mom - I'm now Murray. And I was told again that I can't sing, so this is a good gig for me - sit back in silence and play the 3/4-sized guitar. Although once in a while I get told I'm not doing it right, and His Highness takes the guitar away from me too. And then I just get to be in the audience.

If you didn't catch the Wiggles while they were in the D, let me know. I'm sure Sam would be happy to give you a private viewing. Concerts daily at 7:00, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12...


R said...

how funny. i shall now call him sam.