Wednesday, June 20, 2007

potty humor

Be forewarned, this is a little gross.

Yesterday Josh walks up to me and goes "Mom, check out my penis!"
Me: What?
Josh: Check out my penis! It's gonna be cool!
Me: Why?
Josh: It's gonna pee on you!

And does.

Me: No - absolutely not. Where do we pee?
Josh: On a tree!
Me: No. On the toilet.
Josh: And on a tree! It's cool!

Sigh. I guess the whole "woo woo" cool-toy-attached-to-my-body stage has begun.


daedra said...

Brian just about peed on me he laughed so hard at this post. Sorry about the peeing on a tree thing, my son is a terrible influence!
Adam woke up from his nap the other day and when I took his diaper off he just stood there and said "mama, MY PENIS" about 6 times. Finally I had to see what he was complaining about, it was at full attention if you know what I mean.

meagan said...

thank god i don't have boys.

oh crap. i do.

i am terrified of what is to come in the next few years. this is totally what i was afraid of.

Nicol said...

I want to say that this is hilarious, but then again why not? I am already jinxed by all of the other things that I have laughed at from your and Meagan's parenting adventures, so why not one more. HA! this made me laugh. I know that I am destin to have a boy and have the same thing happen to me!

Seriously, everytime I think about potty training, I think about all of the years that I put in at Krambrooke and Utica schools, I have seen so many things, it is unreal. Maybe my Associates in Early Childhood Education will actually pay off now that I will have kid(s) of my own.

Jeremy said...

Ah yes, the penis. Tis a wonderous thing for a toddler.

Once they learn the whole "hey, I can pee on ANYTHING" your life is never the same.