Monday, November 28, 2005

One year old

My little peanut,

It's hard to believe, but today you're one year old. I get choked up thinking about hwo that can even be did you grow up so fast, my darling baby boy? It's so wonderful to watch you develop and grow, but it's bittersweet. You're now more than a foot longer than the day you were born, and you weigh more than three times as much! You still have the same sweet disposition, cuddling with your mom and smiling sweetly all the time. You're a joy to me every single day.

You can say mama, dada, dog, woof, and ball. You wave and nod and shake your head. Just over a week ago you took your first few steps. You're still not brave enough to take more than 3 or 4 at a time, but it won't be long before you're tearing all over the house.

You've conquered almost every child lock in the house. You're so smart. We're constantly trying to find ways to keep you out of the cabinets! You're infinitely curious, taking apart and examining everything you can get your hands on. I love to watch you learn - you're a wonderful mix of your dad's creativity and my analytical brain.

You're the cutest boy around - people ooh and ahh at you everywhere that we go. You're going to be a real ladykiller...I can see that already. You've won over every woman you've met so far!

Monkey, your mama loves you more than you will ever know. Perhaps one day you'll have a child of your own, and you'll get just a glimpse of the love that I have in my heart for you.

I pray that your next year is joyful. I pray that you're healthy. And happy. I pray that you continue to learn and grow, and that you never stop being so curious. I pray that you will always be so sweet and loving. I pray that you'll be safe. And satisfied. And peaceful. I wish you every good thing, my boy.

I can't wait for our next year together. I love you so much it hurts.